helps RatingsCentral directors monitor their Country player data.

The purpose of the program is to generate data for RatingsCentral directors to help them identify duplicates and take steps to resolve duplicates.


This program has been developed by Gerard McCarthy of ES&CTTA using Livecode.

Special Requirements:

A special password, obtained on request by email from the developer, is needed to access the program. All extracted data that is stored is encrypted.

Key features:

  • List Directors in country and states.
  • Email directors in State or Country
  • List Directors associated with clubs.
  • Email directors associated with a club.
  • List players with the same name.
  • List players with the same surname.
  • List players with the same birthdate.
  • List players with the same email address.
  • List Event and Directors for listed or selected players.
  • List Directors for events of listed or selected players


Version History:

3.2.8 Feb 10 2019
In Events, pressing enter in the find field has been fixed.

3.2.7 Oct 6 2018
In Info, updated links to webpage.

3.2.6 Sep 17 2018
In Ratings, added SN/same province and SN/diff province.
In Ratings, added filtering for names beginning Mac or mc with a following lowercase letter via Mc LCase.
In Ratings, reorganised layout.

3.2.5 Sep 16 2018
In Ratings, added ask dialogs for SN/FN start and FN/SN start to ask how many letters have to be the same at the start of FN or SN respectively.
In Ratings, added SN/FN start.
In Ratings, added SN/FN Nick to get nickname matches using inbuilt list of common nicknames.
In Ratings, added SN/FN 1 start to get names similar to those with an initial for a FN.

3.2.4 Aug 30 2018
In Ratings, added option clicking SN/FN Sim to filter for common nicknames with Similar and Non Dups being colored red.

3.2.3 Aug 4 2018
In Ratings, minor layering issue fixed.

3.2.2 Jul 30 2018
Improved sorting using headers.

3.2.1 Jul 22 2018
In Events, added the header to copying of found events.

3.2.0 Jul 10 2018
In RatingList, added Similar names buttons: Sim1 and Sim2, to search for similar names with only 1 or 2 letters different. These are slow and should be done on lists less than 1000.
In RCDirectors, Add to Director List also saves an RCDirectorsExport file with ID, name and email for use in RCPennantSubmitter Rating List First Events.

3.1.1 Jul 9 2018
In RatingList, added sorting of Director Summary table (for floors).

3.1.0 Jul 9 2018
In RatingList, improved reversing of duplicate events for emailing directors when both directors have just one event.

3.0.0 Jul 2 2018
In Events, added keyboard filtering of directors drop menu.
In Events, enter key in fields shows the event list in the browser.
In RatingList, II button searches for numbers 0-9 at end of name.
In RatingList, FirstEvents now show the FirstEvents section instead of listing data in the lower Analysis field.
In RatingList, FirstEvents; the Email button is to be used for one director at a time; player lists beyond 150 are copied to the clipboard for pasting into the email.

2.8.4 Jun 20 2018
Added option clicking in table headings to reverse the sorting direction.

2.8.3 Jun 2 2018
In RCDirectors, added Dups button to list directors with multiple IDs.

2.8.2 May 13 2018
In RatingList, added controls for Similar names.
In Non Dups, added Similar names section.

2.8.1 Apr 25 2018
In Events, adjusted display of help section to top layer.
In RatingList, Email All uses bcc.
In RatingList, improved the FirstEvents section to contain output from the Ranks First Events button.

2.8.0 Apr 3 2018
In RatingList, added buttons to check for names with Surnames and FirstNames identical.
In RatingList, added buttons to check for names with Surnames and FirstNames reversed.
In Events, added clearing of selected events.
In Events, added tooltip with director info.
By default, Emails generally use bcc when multiple directors are involved. In those cases, Option clicking will generally use To instead of Bcc.
In Ranks, added button to place first events in the RatingList.
In RatingList, added the FirstEvents section to contain output from the ranks First Events button.

2.7.6 Mar 13 2018
In Events, added clock button to filter events to those events revised after submission.
In Events, added copy button to copy selected events.
In Events, added email button to email directors of selected events.

2.7.5 Mar 11 2018
In Events, added RC links for Director Events and Director Info.

2.7.4 Mar 9 2018
In RatingList, added selection tool for RatingsList Analysis field.
Removed some unnecessary internal storage of clubs for drop menus.

2.7.3 Mar 4 2018
In Setup, added Email button to email David Marcus.
Updated to use https links to RatingsCentral.

2.7.2 Feb 21 2018
In RCDirectors, added Clear button to clear selected Directors from the displayed list.

2.7.1 Feb 20 2018
Modified AUS province buttons to prioritize abbreviations.

2.7.0 Feb 19 2018
In RC Links, added links to Ratings Central Update Event Provinces.
In Events, updated layout for API6 with addition of controls for the Event Province field.
Changed SIN Singapore to SGP; changed LIB Lebanon to LBN.
Centralised storage of Country Codes to Setup Country drop menu used by all Country drop menus.
Updated and simplified Info section.

2.6.8 Jan 26 2018
In RC Links, added links to Ratings Central Example Point Changes and Information for Event Directors.

2.6.7 Dec 13 2017
In Ranks, Ranks Search to RatingsList places player count correctly.

2.6.6 Dec 10 2017
In RatingList, added no email button.
In RatingList, improved paste button for RatingList so that a list of Player IDs can be pasted.
In RatingList, added option clicking to reverse the no email, no birth date, no province, no AUS province, no country clubs buttons.
In RatingList, exporting the province club no BirthDate lists saves to the ClubNoBirthdates folder in the Exports folder.
Password update.

2.6.5 Nov 21 2017
In RatingList, changed column widths to fit maximum name length of 40 chars.
In RatingList, improved No UCase filtering.
In RatingList, Jnr button includes AUT sen. and jun.
In RatingList, added II button to filter for II,III or IV.
In RatingList, added D button to filter for Deceased.
In RatingList, added Format and FakeName checkboxes to accompany the choice of Name in the lower email options.

2.6.4 Nov 18 2017
In RatingList, minor layout adjustment.
In Events, added Alt-clicking of Event To RatingList to avoid warning dialog for more than 20 events.
In Events, Event To RatingList lists the player count in RatingList as expected.

2.6.3 Nov 14 2017
In RatingList, added alt clicking the green filtering buttons to place a regex filtering string in the find/filtering field.
In RatingList, fixed regression error with rating list counts not being displayed for the green filtering buttons.

2.6.2 Nov 12 2017
In RatingList, added name button to restrict filtering to the name.
In RatingList, replaced the FN initial button with FN 1 to filter for one capital and FN 2 to filter for 2 capitals as the firstname.
In RatingList, added filtering of player names for 2 commas in their name and for a dot in their name.
In Events, added the RC Events button to open the selected events in the browser.
Renamed Boys.txt file to MaleNames.txt in the settings folder (used when alt clicking M or F in RatingsList).
Added General Settings to keep track of checkbox and option button selections form last use.

2.6.1 Nov 5 2017
In RatingList, improved the Snr Jnr button to include Sr and Jr.
In RatingList, replaced the FN initial button with FN 1 to filter for one capital and FN 2 to filter for 2 capitals as the firstname.
In RatingList, added filtering of player names with 2 consecutive spaces and for 2 spaces in their names.

2.6.0 Oct 29 2017
Added Events lookup screen with links to RatingList.
In RatingList, replaced Last Only check box with options for Last Only, First or All events.
In Ranks, added Ranks Search to Ratings to place the results of the ranks lookup in the RatingList screen.

2.5.0 Oct 23 2017
In RatingList, added RC History Graph link for selected players.
In RatingList, added (Paste) Notes button to paste the player list from the Notes screen, excluding lines starting with – or #.
In RatingList, added “1” button to filter the list of players to those who have only played once.
In RatingList, added “2+” button to filter the list of players to those who have played more than once.
In RatingList, added “()” button to filter the list of players to those who have brackets in their name.
In RatingList, added “2UCase” button to filter the list of players to those who have two consecutive capitals in their name.
In RatingList, added “Snr Jnr” button to filter the list of players to those who have Snr or Jnr in their name.
In RatingList, added “LRH” button to filter the list of players to those who have brackets in their name.
In RatingList, improved Surname-hyphen filtering of player surnames.
In RatingList, added Surname-space filtering of player surnames.

2.4.3 Sep 3 2017
In RatingList, added Email for directors listed by First Events in Analysis field.
In RatingList, fixed player count for list generated by In Event.

2.4.2 Aug 15 2017
In RatingList, removed vertical lines in Analysis field at bottom of screen.
In RatingList, added initial means and st dev and point change to List First Player Event Dates.
In RCDirectors, fixed AUS province drop down menu.
In RCDirectors, added buttons to select all or none of the directors list.
In RCDirectors, List First Player Events omits line breaks in data for players.
In RCDirectors, added General option for email to selected directors.

2.4.1 Jul 28 2017
In ClubDirectors, improved filtering by country code using the filter button.
In RCDirectors, Update Shown or Selected Directors fixed; was showing one less event in the event count and was giving the second last event date if 2 or more events.

2.4.0 Jul 16 2017
In RatingList, added the All email option to email all the listed directors in the lower RatingListAnalysis field.

2.3.0 Jun 22 2017
In RatingList, added button to list players with the same Surname and similar firstnames.

2.2.0 May 27 2017
In RatingList, added fields and button to allow filtering of the rating list by max and min ratings.
In RatingList, added to info shown for first events of players.

2.1.0 May 21 2017
In RatingList, added button to list first event dates of players which are loaded on startup.

2.0.0 Apr 11 2017
Updated for RatingsCentral html 5.
Data extraction from Ratings Central uses CSV output only.
In RatingList, removed Recent Directors for Players button.
In Info, added for reference purposes: Ratings Central API, Version 4, April 7, 2017.

1.9.1 Apr 1 2017
In RatingList, links to Events are for detailed events; option click to show the event summary instead.
In RatingList, added RC Matches link for selected players.

1.9.0 Mar 25 2017
Progress Scrollbar added for importing ratings.

1.8.9 Mar 17 2017
Option click Email for DuplicateX to generate emails in reverse, that is, for player directors with the most events.

1.8.8 Mar 15 2017
Fixed Rating List expanded modes for both fields.

1.8.7 Mar 13 2017
Added gender buttons: M and F and gender option for email.
Option click F to only list F with a first name matching one in the Boys.txt file in the Settings folder.

1.8.6 Mar 4 2017
Fixed date sorting of director lists.

1.8.5 Feb 21 2017
In RatingList, added Surname hyphen search and search for Similar Surnames for Firstnames.

1.8.4 Feb 18 2017
Added various paste buttons for find fields.
In RatingList: Help, documented option clicking copy and paste buttons.

1.8.3 Jan 26 2017
In RatingList, .dat checkbox takes account of the event date being returned as yyyy-mm-dd instead of with a /.

1.8.2 Jan 23 2017
In Setup, added Country Group controls to complement Country and Province controls.
Country list correction for CIV_Côte d’Ivoire.
In RatingList, controls added or updated to match RC website for PlayerSearch.
Updated parameters for links to RC website: PlayerList.php, EventList.php, ClubList.php and FirstEvent.php.

1.8.1 Dec 16 2016
In RatingList, added ability to list the data files needed from David Marcus in emails regarding duplicates; uses the .dat checkbox.

1.8.0 Dec 4 2016
Added icons to several controls.
In Setup: Added several country and province controls with better integration throughout.

1.7.1 Nov 13 2016
Added Ctrl-F shortcuts to select the text in find fields.
The various RC buttons that link to RatingsCentral will use multiple selections in fields.

1.7.0 Nov 5 2016
In Notes, added Export Events For Dups to produce a text file of the full list of all the events that need to be resubmitted for all the duplicate players listed.
In Non Dups, added find controls.
In Non Dups, Update Displayed Data to update the listed player data.

1.6.8 Nov 1 2016
In RatingList, adjusted Email Club Directors to take account of CC checkbox.
In RatingList, added ability of Filter to use Regular Expressions if any of the following characters are placed in the Find field: ^$[]*?!
In RatingList, added No UCase button to list players with part of their name starting with a lowercase letter.
In RatingList, added Snr Jnr button to list players with Snr or Jnr in the name.
In Notes, added Copy button (although selecting and copying can be done) and buttons to insert – or # before selected lines; this allows player lists to be pasted into the ratingsList with removal of the – or # prefixed lines.

1.6.7 Oct 30 2016
In RatingList, added the First Name button to list all players with the  first word in the first name the same.
In RatingList, added an Expand button to expand the RatingsList.

1.6.6 Oct 22 2016
Minor cosmetic changes to text fields.
Bug Fix: Club list drop menu in Ranks Lookup fixed for AUS with Any Province selected in Setup.

1.6.5 Sept 25 2016
Minor cosmetic changes.

1.6.4 Sept 24 2016
In RatingList, Expand lower field shows correctly.
In RatingList, added RC Info to link to the RatingCentral info page for the player.
In RatingList, added buttons related to the EventID field.

1.6.3 Sept 18 2016
Bug fix: Expand lower field in RatingsList shows correctly.
Added CC checkboxes for emails to control use of CC entered in SetupScreen.
Modified email content related to adding Clubs to players (in RatingList).
Added copy button for the club name in (ClubList) for use in pasting the club name in emails related to that club.

1.6.2 Sept 10 2016
Added ability to include more than one email address to be CC’d in Setup.
Added quick country buttons to Setup for AUS and NZL.
Improvements to the duplicates checkboxes in RatingList for email and their content.

1.6.1  Aug 20 2016
Added CC Email field to Setup for emails.
Added copying of just the player names and id from the RatingsList.
Added Non AUS Province to filter all players in the rating list for players without the full names of the State as the Provinces (apart from ACT).

1.6.0  Aug 13 2016
Added buttons to RCDirectors to list UnAuthorised Directors and to list Directors who have taken over other directors (indicated by info in the Title field).
Added Filter button to RCDirectors.
Added email option to RCDirectors to enable more efficient emails for suggesting to a director that they ask the director who set up a club in RC to add them to the club as a director so that they can edit all players in that club.
Add eraser icons to clear Find fields.
Removed checkboxes for going to RatingsCentral on clicking in a list; replaced with clicking in list first then clicking a button to go to RatingsCentral.
Added sorting of Director titles in RCDirectors so that tiles ending with ID are sorted to the top to help list replacement directors quickly.

1.5.1  Aug 6 2016
Added Today (T) button for placing the current date for filtering dates in RatingList.
Added automatic counts of birthdates in RatingList.
Added EmailClubDirectors to send a list of players in a club (useful for those without birthdates) in RatingList. However, a long list may be blocked in emails by spam prevention.
Bug Fix: Update Selected or Shown Club Directors in ClubDirectors saves all updated directors.
Bug Fix: Max Age <11 corrected in Ranks Lookup.
Added Merge option for emails in RatingList to request David Marcus to merge players.

1.5.0  Jul 31 2016
Removed automatic CC to director for emails in RCDirectors and ClubDirectors.
Added some email options to RCDirectors to make it easier to email directors to suggest adding clubs or think about being added to a club.
Added Copy Club and Directors to ClubList for convenient addition to emails regarding being added to a club.
Added several links for directors to the RC Links menu.

1.4.9  Jul 30 2016
Added ability to store a NonDups for players of the same name that are different players, which can then be used to exclude them from name doubles lists.
Added details of the ability of Cantor to update old database files (whereas the old version of Zermelo is need to open its database files) in the email message for duplicates in RatingList.

1.4.8  Jul 25 2016
Added details of the ability of Cantor to import .dat files in the email message for duplicates in RatingList.

1.4.7  Jul 24 2016
Added name duplicates in the same provinces and name duplicates in different provinces buttons to RatingList.
Changed all RatingsCentralInfo files to be encrypted.

1.4.6  Jul 23 2016
Added checkboxes to give more control over the email message for duplicates in RatingList.
Added the Player Name to the subject in the email message for duplicates in RatingList.

1.4.5  Jul 21 2016
Bug fix: Ratings generated data layered on top of recently added buttons when expanded.

1.4.4  Jul 20 2016
Added some details on filtering to the help section related to the last played date.
Added filtering of the RatingList by primary ClubID.
Bug fix: Ratings List help section layered on top of recently added buttons.

1.4.3  Jul 17 2016
Added more detailed instructions for resubmitting events when the Instructions check box is checked in RatingList.

1.4.2  Jul 10 2016
Added Last Year (Year) and Last 2 Year (2Y) and Same Year (SameY) buttons to RatingList.

1.4.1  Jul 7 2016
Bug fix for subject line for Province emailing in RatingList.

1.4.0  Jul 1 2016
Added an Instructions checkbox to complement the Duplicate emailing option in RatingList, along with specific replacement details.
Improved Duplicate emailing option in RatingList restricting it to only those directors that need emailing.

1.3.9  Jun 29 2016
Changed Last Played button to Day and added (Last) Week and (Last) Month buttons to RatingList.

1.3.8  Jun 28 2016
Added option clicking to all lists to place the clicked text in the find field.

1.3.7  Jun 27 2016
List All button added to RCDirectors, ClubDirectors and ClubList for convenience.
Removed full list of clubs from ClubList in favour of having the List All button instead.
Added a confirmed checkbox to complement the ClubID emailing option in RatingList.

1.3.6  Jun 25 2016
Ratings List Help and Info:Manual updates.

1.3.5  Jun 20 2016
Minor code cleanup.

1.3.4  Jun 19 2016
Added to the RatingList section the ability to list players using the find text for the full rating list without having to show the list.
Bug Fix: ClubList Province filter now works properly.

1.3.3  Jun 18 2016
RatingList speed improvements for listing players with no province; for clubs not within the country; for all 4 types of doubles in the shown list.
Added the ability to list players in an event in the RatingList section.

1.3.2  Jun 17 2016
Speed improvements for changing the country, province or club.

1.3.1  Jun 16 2016
Bug Fix: Setup Filter Lists now works for countries other than AUS.

1.3.0  Jun 15 2016
Speed improvements for Name Matches and Surname Matches and Name Doubles.
Reverted Name Matches and Surname Matches to the selected text in the  RatingList or the full text of the RatingList if none are selected.
Improved Name Doubles for the full RatingList.

1.2.3  Jun 14 2016
Restricted Name Matches and Surname Matches to the first line of the  selected text in the RatingList or the first line of the RatingList if none are selected.
Added Name Doubles for the full RatingList;  however it displays and stores the list of names which can be reshown using PlaceDoubles. Select a name from the list and click Name Match to  show the name doubles.

1.2.2  Jun 11 2016
Added full rating list Name Match and SurnameMatch in RatingList.

1.2.1  Jun 4 2016
Modified Clublist Find to do so in both the full club list and the filtered club list.
Ranks Lookup updated with clear buttons for all fields.

1.2.0  May 28 2016
Added checkbox to omit David Marcus from emails in RatingList.
Removed checkbox to use Unicode display of RatingList; instead it is automatic.

1.1.9  May 22 2016
The Australian State (Province) label in drop down menus is now restored from user settings on opening throughout the program.

1.1.8  May 21 2016
Added Last Played field for display when clicking on a player in RatingLists with button for filtering list according to the last played date.
Alt-clicking a line in the RatingList now places the clicked column text of that line into the Find and the Filter fields.
Added Notes page to record notes on duplicates etc.

1.1.7  May 20 2016
Added check box to use Unicode display of RatingList. The trade off for this is that it may take 10 to 20 seconds longer to complete the import of the rating and club lists. The Club lists always use Unicode display. 1.1.7  May 20 2016
Added check box to use Unicode display of RatingList. The trade off for this is that it may take 10 to 20 seconds longer to complete the import of the rating list and club lists. The Club lists always use Unicode display.

1.1.6  May 19 2016
Added Club field for display when clicking on a player in RatingLists.

1.1.5  May 12 2016
Added ClubId option for email in RatingLists.

1.1.4  May 8 2016
Improved Province based and Country based Name Doubles and Name and Surname Matches in RatingLists.

1.1.3  May 7 2016
ClubLists and RatingLists are saved to the RatingsCentralInfo folder when using Import then reloaded when opening the program to speed startup.
Added SubmitEvent to RC Links menu.
Added ability to check for First Name Initials and their Surname doubles.

1.1.2  May 5 2016
Updated Ranks Lookup to include API v4 documented parameters in url for searching players.
Added MultiPlayerSearch to RC Links menu.
Added Deceased column to RatingList.
Added CSV output option to Ranks Lookup.

1.1.1  May 3 2016
Added sorting to Deceased column in RatingList.

1.1.0  May 1 2016
Updated Setup to import and use RatingList version 3.
RatingList version 3 has LastPlayed and Birthdates formatted as YYYY-MM-DD. Updated sorting of rating list for clicking on LastPlayed and Birthdates headers.

1.0.5  Apr 25 2016
Added Include Header checkbox for Copying fields in most cases.

1.0.4  Apr 23 2016
Improved date sorting in lists.

1.0.3  Apr 17 2016
Minor changes to the RatingsList email for duplicates so that the selected directors are emails and the whole list is included in the email.

1.0.2  Apr 8 2016
Minor changes to the RatingsList email for duplicates.

1.0.1  Apr 5 2016
Added the orange Add Club Province checkbox to the RatingsList screen to provide that when using List Player Events and Directors.
Added Filter for Non Country Clubs to the RatingsList screen.

1.0.0 Apr 4 2016
First release.