Enters scores for table tennis matches set up by RCPennantSubmitter.

The purpose of the program is to allow scorers to enter scores during or after matches, then place them online for the manager of RCPennantSubmitter.

This program has been developed by Gerard McCarthy of ES&CTTA using Livecode.

Key features:

  • SelectSeason: Set the season.
  • AddPlayers: Add a Player.
  • AddTeamPlayers: Add Players to a team for the current season.
  • PreferredGradeTeam: Set the grade and team to restrict the fixture drop menu for scoring.
  • EnterMatchScores: Enter Match Scores with all the features of RCPennantSubmitter.
  • Downloads RCPennantSubmitter data files from a dropbox apps folder.
  • Uploads match scores to a dropbox apps folder.


  • A dropbox app folder needs to be setup by the manager of RCPennantSubmitter.
  • The Scorer code needs to be shared out to the scorers.

Proxy Issues:

  • Https Proxy settings are not handled, preventing dropbox connection.

DropBox Issues:


  • Workaround: Email the scorer a zipped copy of the RCPennantData subfolders: MatchData and MatchDataSettings for them to install, replacing the need to access dropbox. Email is then required to send scores.

Mac Users:

  • If you are using MAC OS 10.12 or higher, you need to double click the zip file then drag the RCPennantScorer.app file (you may not see the .app extension depending on your preference settings) from the folder into the Applications folder. Then move the RCPennantScorerMacOS folder to your documents or the desktop of somewhere you prefer. Then open the RCPennantScorer.app file from within the applications folder. Then set the path to the RCPennantData folder. Then all the rest should be fine.

Taking Screenshots to solve issues:

  • Sending Screenshots if you are having issues.
    If you are experiencing any difficulties with installing or using the software it is best to include a screenshot with an email to your RCPennantSubmitter administrator so the issue may be rapidly identified.
  • Windows:  (see https://www.digitalcitizen.life/4-ways-take-screenshots-windows-8-81-using-built-tools)
    Desktop computer: press Windows + PrtScn  (Print Screen) key on your keyboard. Windows stores the screenshot in the Pictures library, in the Screenshots folder. The file is named “Screeenshot(number).png,” where the number will vary based on how many screenshots you have taken. Laptop: Fn (function key) + Windows + PrtScn
  • MacOS: (see: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25623?locale=en_US)
    Press Shift-Command-3. Screenshots are saved automatically as .png files on the desktop; the filename begins with “Screen Shot” and includes the date and time it was taken.

How to Download

First Run

First Use



Version History:

3.2.0 Oct 7 2018
Links to Website updated.
In Pennant:EnterMatchScores, added the swap button to swap scores or both players and scores.
In Pennant:EnterMatchScores, added erasers to clear individual match scores.
In Pennant:EnterMatchScores, added separate buttons to clear scores or the full match scores with players.
In Pennant:EnterMatchScores, added Lock Player Fields checkbox to switch between editing players directly in scoresheets and allowing alt clicking players to enter forfeits.
In Pennant:EnterMatchScores, limited round buttons to 18 rounds; longer fixtures require use of All to display matches in dropdown.
In Pennant:EnterMatchScores, added QF and PF finals buttons.
In Pennant:EnterMatchScores, reformatted round and finals buttons.

3.1.0 Jun 2 2018
In Setup, added checkbox to optionally open the Pennant: EnterMatchScores on startup.

3.0.2 May 27 2018
Text formatting changes.
In Setup, add Copy Status button.
In Pennant, Info shows only the help for the selected section.

3.0.1 May 20 2018
Keep Season settings.

3.0.0 May 13 2018

2.3.1 May 25 2017
In Setup: added button to copy the dropbox log to the clipboard.

2.3.0 Apr 16 2017
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, improved team player placement for 2 or 3 player teams.
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, improved score colouring logic.

2.2.2 Apr 11 2017
Added icons for some buttons.

2.2.1 Apr 4 2017
In Pennant: PreferredGradeTeam, unchecking lists fixture for all teams.
In Pennant: PreferredGradeTeam, previously saved Grade and Team are shown and highlighted on opening screen.
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, improved Previous and Next Grade buttons.

2.2.0  Nov 19 2016
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, added error checking to the scores when calculating the match scores, with player names in red for a match with an error.
In Pennant: PreferredGradeTeam, added Clear buttons to remove a set preference.

2.1.0  Nov 1 2016
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, typing a letter in the subs menus filters for names beginning with that letter. Space or return or enter will restore the menu.
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, substitute players are temporarily added to the Home and Away players list when choosing a player from the subs menus.
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, Alt clicking a player in the Home and Away players list temporarily removes them.
In Pennant: EnterMatchScores, on clicking on a player team slot, the player will be temporarily added to the Home team or Away team list.

2.0.1 May 22 2016
The Preferred Grade Team checkbox was moved to the Enter Match Scores screen.

2.0.0 May 22 2016
The form of the file name for saving pennant scores has changed to match RCPennantSubmitter v4; it uses the full fixture drop menu line which may include the grade with the round number before the date.
Unicode player names are now possible. (diacritics are saved in player data; e.g. ñóçèôëŏčťå)

1.3.4 May 19 2016
Minor cosmetic change.

1.3.3 Apr 15 2016
Bug fix to allow grade names in the names of finals.

1.3.2 Mar 25 2016
Added PreferredGradeTeam settings tab to the pennant section so that the EnterMatchScores can show just the preferred team fixtures.

1.3.1 Mar 4 2016
Extended socket timeout to 30 seconds.

1.3.0 Feb 20 2016
Added auto selection of best of games number in Pennant: MatchScores for grades with a match template ending in bestof5 or bestof7.
Added Saved indicator in Pennant: MatchScores; a tick is shown after saving.

1.2.9 Feb 17 2016
Bug fix: Folder icons on MacOS now correctly open folders in the finder.

1.2.8 Feb 16 2016
Rearranged the Setup screen to allow room for Dropbox Log.
Added ability to enter the scorer’s user name and save it. The user name is saved with match scores.
Added a url encoded copy of the match scores to emails so that the score manager can paste the scores into RCPennantSubmitter keeping the tab formatting that is lost in some email programs when using plain text emails.
Added Encode check box to Pennant: MatchScores to include the url encoded copy of the match scores when copying the scores to the clipboard, so that they can be pasted into an email. Changed Option clicking the Copy MatchData to include the copy of the url encoded match scores.

1.2.7 Feb 10 2016
Tweaked the code for entering scores for 7 game matches in EnterMatchScores so it works as expected.

1.2.6 Feb 6 2016
Delete key deletes the game score and moves the insertion point right to next game.
Backspace key deletes the game score and moves the insertion point left to next game.
Calculate Scores includes scores from unfinished forfeited matches with completed games.
eg 3,4 to 11,11,f,f,f will result in 1-3-40 to 0-2-22.

1.2.5 Feb 5 2016
Unlocked New Player field so new Players can be added. Added Clear buttons to the Add Player screen to clear new and selected player fields.
Added storing of the dropbox and email check box settings.
Added storing of the selected fixture.
Bug fix: uploading to dropbox uses path to MatchData directly instead of creating the RCPennantData folder.

1.2.4 Feb 2 2016
Added the option in the Setup section to send email via the user’s default mail application rather than via the built in mail.

1.2.3 Jan 31 2016
Added saving of user name, date and time when scores are saved in Pennant:MatchScores.
Added some error indication to the dialog that occurs if connection to dropbox doesn’t work.
The error message is copied to the clipboard so it can be emailed for reporting.

1.2.2 Jan 21 2016
Improved several features of Pennant:MatchScores to match RCPennantSubmitter 3.4.1.
Added LadderSettings subfolder to allow point calculations for match results in cases in which team ladders are based on points.
Added ability to email scores to results manager as backup or alternative to using dropbox.
Added storage of email settings.

1.2.1 Jan 12 2016
Changes settings file names to be different from RCPennantSubmitter (S prefix).

1.2.0 Jan 12 2016
Added improvements to match scores.

1.1.0 Jan 6 2016
Added Recheck Current Users to Setup for manually checking users accessing a common data folder such as on OneDrive.
First time users have the RCPennantData default to inside the programs folder, so that they are no longer prompted on first use, if the folder is in fact installed there.
Added Setup field to show Current Users. This is for multiple users sharing the same RCPennantData folder.
Moved data folders to RCPennantData to allow relocating of data, especially for online use.

1.0.0 Dec 17 2015
First release accompanying RCPennantSubmitter 3.0.0.